Draw My Friends !

We are friends because we both love playing with toys! – Rose Lee

We are friends as we love playing video games! – Wayne Lee

We are friends since we are good classmates! – Cheuk Yin

Among millions of people in this world, why we become friends? There must be some SPECIAL reasons!

Let’s draw something about you and your friends. Let us know the stories about your friendships!

Theme:  Draw My Friends !


Download Drawing Template here

(Can draw according to any one of the questions)


\\ OPEN CALL:  Draw My Friends ! //


Submission Period:

Phase 1: Now until 31 July, 2023 (Submission Period Ended)

✸ Selected works might be used in PMQ Seed’s online or printed promotional materials or to be displayed during PMQ Seed’s Creative Festival.


Phase 2: 1 August to 31 October, 2023 (Submission Period Ended)

✸ Selected works will be uploaded to PMQ Seed’s website and Facebook/Instagram page.

Participants may win a ‘The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes stationary set’ (Sponsored by Rightman Publishing)


❚ Submission

◎ Upload creator’s information and drawing (PDF/.jpeg/.png) to


Terms and Conditions:

All submissions must be original and free from infringement of any existing intellectual property rights.

By the act of entering the submission, each eligible participant is assigning a perpetual, royalty free, unlimited, unconditional use and reproduction rights of his/her submission(s) to PMQ.

Each selected participants are entitle to win one gift only.

In case of dispute, the decision of PMQ shall be final

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