The creative process often requires us to work closely with different people and to empathise with their thoughts and needs. Delightful solutions to problems can be created through continuous communication, collaboration, and sharing.


Due to the pandemic, kids have been spending most of their learning time online from home. With digital interactions taking the place of real-life socialising among the kids, we see the rise of a new generation that is adept at technology but challenged by interpersonal communication.


In 2022, PMQ Seed Programme was themed “BETTER TOGETHER”. Once again, we worked with school-age kids to apply design thinking methodology in the creation of imaginative solutions based on empathetic discovery. Team collaboration was a main focus in all workshop activities, through which participants learned to respect diverse voices and work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, all while building new knowledge and skills. Parents and teachers were also be involved in the human-centred co-creation process together with PMQ Seed’s teaching teams; it is our hope that grown-ups can gain valuable insights into the present and future of education by engaging with important issues from kids’ points of view.


Under the support of Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor, PMQ Seed continued to work with multiple creative teams this year to present six key programmes: “Creative Camp”, “School Outreach”, “Mini-camp”, “Creative Festival”, “Train the Trainer Workshop”, and the “Seed Online”. An exciting series of creative activities, each tailor-made for kids aged six to twelve, parents, or educators.


Visit the individual page of each programme for more details:

BETTER TOGETHER Train the Trainer Workshop

Covering areas including the application of design thinking, children’s education and blended learning, the Workshop aimed to encourage participants to use relevant knowledge to promote creative education in a daily classroom setting.



Tailored for children from age 6 to 8 and their parents, the Mini-camp aimed to introduce empathy to its participants through playful and sensory learning experiences, to collaborate and co-create together.



With a series of engaging, thematic online classes, the creative camp was targeted at local students from P3 to P6.



The School Outreach programme aimed to cultivate P3 to P6 students’ motivation in learning through daily observation and reflection.


BETTER TOGETHER Learning & Teaching Expo

PMQ Seed went to exhibit in Learning & Teaching Expo (LTE), showcased the creative works by students and teaching teams and promoting Design Thinking in education.


Participating schools (in no particular order)

Baptist Rainbow Primary School

Canossa Primary School

C.C.C. Chuen Yuen First Primary School

C.C.C. Kei Wan Primary School

C.C.C. Wanchai Church Kei To Primary School (Kowloon City)

HKMLC Wong Chan Sook Ying Memorial School

Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) Primary School

P.L.K. Leung Chow Shun Kam Primary School

S.K.H. Fung Kei Millennium Primary School

S.K.H. Ka Fuk Wing Chun Primary School

S.K.H. Yan Laap Memorial Primary School

Tak Sun School

The Salvation Army Ann Wyllie Memorial School

Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School

Tung Koon District Society Fong Shu Chuen School

TWGHs Tsoi Wing Sing Primary School