Teacher’s sharing

— by Mr Lau Siu Kei, Tai Po Old Market Public School

Blended Learning into Innovative Education
Put the practice of empathy in action


A commonly used method in moral education is value clarification, which allows students to choose or judge what is right or wrong to establish a proper philosophy towards life. With the reform of education, however, value education should no longer stay at analysis and selection but focus on introspection upon action, make improvement from innovation and utilize design thinking to allow students to learn how to be in other’s shoes, be empathizing, be brave to try, and be intrepid to create.


Last year, our school was fortunate to participate in PMQ’s “BEING BEINGS” School Outreach Programme, alongside an experienced team of mentors, teachers from our school and 24 students to experience an innovative learning process. Those professional mentors integrated the five steps of design thinking, namely “Empathize”, “Define”, “Ideate”, “Prototype” and “Test”, into some experiential teaching activities which guided the students to analyze users’ needs step by step, then design and put together feasible solutions to truly accomplish improvements for the future.