2019 • YES! KIDS CAN
Teacher’s sharing 2

— by Mr Woo Tat Wing, CCC Wanchai Church Kei To Primary School (Kowloon City)

“Design Thinking” in Primary School Curriculum


This year, our school is honoured to join the YES! KIDS CAN School Outreach programme organised by PMQ and a team of devoted architects and artists. During the run of the programme, even before class, we discussed the problems of the To Kwa Wan community and designed how to lead the students to explore the community. I gained a lot from my broadened horizon.


Design Thinking x Co-create the Community

It is the “Design Thinking” that PMQ adopts to pilot the students from exploration to creation through “Empathize”, “Define”, “Ideate”, “Prototype” and “Test”.


“Empathize” means the understanding of the needs of every individual in the community. During the months of the campaign, the hot weather of even more than 30°C did not stop me joining my colleagues, students and mentors to visit the places where the students got together regularly. On the contrary, it was a big challenge for those who rarely talked to others to take courage to visit the strangers and find out their needs in the community. Differences would arise between what the students knew and what the owners of newsstands, real estate agencies, cowsheds, garages, elderly homes and local restaurants said, “The students thought it was hard to hire a waiter, but in fact not according to a bistro owner, and that local eateries were only busy in the morning and at noon, but not other times.” Through these, students were able to design after identifying the needs of different walks of life.


“Define” and “Ideate”: This was a pretty long process for students, compared with their discussions of limited time in their regular lessons. They were required to sort out, classify and analyze the information acquired from their interviews. Meanwhile, the mentors asked them to think creatively after guiding them to analyze the needs of the community systematically.