“Between Us” Picture Book Exhibition
— Selected books archive

Empathy is like a key—it unlocks different perspectives through which we can appreciate ourselves, the people and things around us, and the world we share.

In early 2021, we presented the “BEING With You” Picture Book Exhibition about human life. A few of the selected works touched on themes of nature; these reminded us about empathising with our planet, which supports humans and myriads of other living things, but is often neglected. In the mid-year exhibition titled Between Us, we have once again used the medium of picture books to inspire reflections on the relationships between humankind and nature, as well as appreciation of beauty on Earth.

Through our carefully selected picture books hailing from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and more countries, we have assembled a story about the relationship between mankind and nature, told through text and imagery. Let us now revisit some of the books via this digital archive and explore the beautiful world of picture books together as readers.

When our world stands still, the Earth remains spinning—

Flowers come and go; the sun rises and falls,

its light bright as the very first day.

Nature’s circle of life is an eternal journey.

As human beings, what kinds of roles should we be playing within the grand scheme of things?